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  • In a Prickle

    15th May 2020 by

    Written by Elaine Gardener (Guest blogger) The adorable hedgehog … voted Britain’s favourite mammal however, numbers show our prickly prehistoric pals are in decline. Important information to make note of: take the time now to locate your nearest hedgehog rescue. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society can be called on (01584 890 801) to provide details… Read more

  • The (not so) humble Dandelion

    28th Apr 2020 by

    I love dandelions, no matter what people say about them being a problem ‘weed’ in lawns etc. I also dislike the term ‘weed’, in my eyes a ‘weed’ is just a wildflower in the wrong place. They also are a strong memory from my childhood; blowing the seed heads to tell the time or to… Read more

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